Write-off Wednesday

I know, I know, what a special treat you’re receiving! Two blogs in two days!

Okay, I’m not really that vain. But I do have an overload of thoughts that need to come out. Think of it as cranial diarrhea. There’s no amount of Immodium that can fix this shit.

Yesterday, it was all about the feels. Alllllll the feels. There were a lot of them, and I dealt with them appropriately and am doing what I do best…pulling up my big girl panties and dealing. This is incredibly different from compartmentalizing or internalizing. I acknowledged, expressed, and remained open. Yay me. That’s totally progress!

Now, moving forward from there, I am still an active participant in the little serial dating world I’ve created for myself. I’m more prone to accept dates from those I know damn well won’t lead to long term amorous partners, however, it IS leading to exactly what I need most. Good times, unique stories, and interesting experiences that set me directly into the here and now without a single concern beyond the confines of that particular moment. In actively seeking out frogs more than princes, I am taking the trappings of dating out of the equation and replacing them with the possibility to truly see a situation for what it’s worth, completely uncolored or untarnished by my own biases of hope or fantasy. And, equally as unanticipated as how freeing this style of experimentation has become, the level of humor I can find in what would have depressed me and made me shrink away from talking to men before due to the pure idiocy I encounter is now something to write home about. Literally. Cue my blog.

Of course, there are those that I just can’t even bother with. I lowered my standards when accepting this challenge that I set forth by allowing those that I know won’t be long term partners EVER to contact me and continue exploring the world with me. I’ve overlooked poor grammar and spelling, political leanings, and religious beliefs when I would have focused on those quite a bit in my past. But if I’m not trying to locate Prince Charming because I would prefer Frog Sincere, then those things don’t really matter over the course of an evening.

But then…

I don’t actually have words. I’m too distracted by the sounds of dueling banjos. I just…uh…what?

Here we have Ron who seems to think the three minutes it takes to read my ad is an accomplishment. Also, he is one of the world’s worst communicators considering I asked him a question that was disregarded and responded with HRU? which isn’t even a word. Is it too much to ask for words? Just a few? You string them together. They make sentences. I can interpret those things called sentences. I can come back with words strung together myself, and then! GASP! We could actually have a conversation!

I weeded this one out once he went from being Mr.Kinda Cool to Mr. Whines About His Ex Wife And How He Has To Pay Too Much Child Support And She’s Such A Whore And Doesn’t Need The Money Anyway OMG What A Bitch! That is one long last name, and I would hate to be the one signing it daily. Anyway, I ghosted. And he still sends random texts that I don’t respond to. For like a month now. For serious.

It’s all gravy, though. I have a date tomorrow night with a nerd who actually has worked on some pretty cool movie sets and is tatted and reads and likes Yankee Candles and has an out of this world sense of humor and promises to take me with him when he rebuilds his DeLorean so I can walk down the streets of Pompeii before Vesuvius blows his shit. Oh! And when I dropped my favorite expletive (Fuck me in the ass with a limp shaven yak dick!) he said he’d be right back, he needed to go find a flaccid yak.

Like there’s any way I was turning down a date with someone like that.

I hope your hump day finds you well. Thanks for playing along ❤

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