I Make Them Prove It.

After yet another snafu that left me frustrated, (namely a pricing change and a new billing date for no reason other than it’s Tuesday which means I paid my bill two weeks ago and have to pay again next week which equates to two phone bills in one month) I decided to break up with AT&T. The conversation was very much like trying to break up with a boyfriend who had just quit trying.

“It’s not you, it’s me. I just can’t take this instability in my life. I’m not cut out for it,” I say softly into the phone. I bite down on my lower lip and wait for the response that is sure to be difficult to hear.

“No, LeeAnn, please don’t do this. We’ve been together through so much! You’re valued!” he whined. I could hear the desperation in his voice. He could feel me slipping away. How could I explain that my heart just wasn’t in it any longer?

“I know this is difficult to accept. I mean, you’re right, we’ve been together for years, and you really did do it for me for such a long time. But I am weary from all this back and forth drama. You say one thing, and then you do another. I need stability. It’s just who I am.”

I sat breathlessly in the front seat of my car, the air conditioner blowing stagnant, filtered air over my skin. Summer outside, frozen on the inside. How apropos that our relationship felt just like that.

I heard his slow inhalation over the line, and I pictured him collecting his thoughts. When he spoke again, his voice was more firm, more collected. “Please don’t do this just yet. Let’s talk. What bothers you the most? I can fix it, I promise I can! Just give me a chance!”

He just wouldn’t make this easy, would he? But something in his promise piqued my interest. What if we really could recapture the magic? What if he had learned his lesson? No, just no. I’d already decided. This was the final straw!

“Listen,” I spoke more firmly. “I’ve given this significant time to right itself. I’ve tried everything I can think of, and nothing has leveled us out in MONTHS! And now that I’m ready to leave, you want to work things out? I can’t imagine anything you could do at this point that would heal this rift.”

“What if I double your data for thirty dollars less a month and make it proactive and return your billing cycle to what we originally agreed upon?”

“I’m listening, but really, I don’t think I can go back into this for just thirty dollars less per month. I was offered a discount for being a student, and after two months, that still isn’t applied to my account. I was talking to T-Mobile….omgawds, stop freaking out, we were just talking…and he said he could offer me double the data at half of what you demand of me. I mean, he really seems to genuinely want me and is willing to do anything to get me. He said he’d talk to you and work it all out.”

Then he spoke again, and the determination was dripping into puddles at my feet, “Sweetie, listen, I get it. You’re right. I would do anything to not lose you. Here’s what I can do, and I don’t do this for just anyone. You are so special to me. I’ll double your data, make sure your discounts are applied, make it proactive, and charge you this significantly lower charge each month. Just…gawds…please don’t go. Not to T-Mobile! He makes lots of promises he can’t keep. He’s such a player. Girl, you’d get so hurt. Don’t do this, just give me a chance!”

And that’s how I cut my phone bill into less than half of what it initially was with double the perks and rekindled this fractured love affair. All I needed was proof of my worth to him ❤

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