The Two Dates That Weren’t Dates

I recently scrapped all proposed dates because there’s only so much asininity one girl can handle. I revamped my ad, took some time to recollect my thoughts, and have just now started talking to a couple different guys that might possibly not be insane. They probably are if history repeats itself as it so often does.

I went out on a couple dates that weren’t dates recently. The first was Jinx, that tatted up nerd with everything I dig except physical connection. I just don’t want to mount him and ride away into the sunset, but that’s okay. I’ve made one stellar friend, and I don’t think we can ever have too many of those.

So we went to Beer Mongers and enjoyed some crafty goodness and veggie burgers before heading off to watch Ant-Man which I highly recommend. There was much laughter as we celebrated an A on my Algebra exam, and I thought more than once how unfortunate it is that there isn’t that kind of chemistry. I mean, everything else is there. Not fair.

And then I went out with Mr. Yesterday. Again, not a date. We ALSO went to Beer Mongers because while I was out with Jinx, Mr. Yesterday was texting me and decided that’s where he’d like to go with me when we got together. He was exhausted. I was exhausted. It was our shortest date in the entire history of us at only a little over three hours. I still have to remind myself more than once each time we get together that he lost his romantic interest in me overnight. When I started to forget that this last time, I decided to ask him how things happened with his ex…you know, the one he chose over me when she reappeared in his life. It’s probably a little sadomasochistic, but it helps me move forward by inflicting just enough pain on myself to keep my mind clear and level. And I sat there thinking, “THIS girl was preferable to ME?” which involves my ego and keeps me indignant enough to not burst out with questions about why I held his interest for a time then all interest suddenly dissolved. I’m curious, but not curious enough to have that conversation.

This isn’t one of those deep, meaningful blogs where I discuss all this inner turmoil that I’m going through. I’ve had quite the run of emotions and growth and setbacks, but this week isn’t dealing with those. This week I made an A on an exam that I really didn’t expect to ace. I had drinks with friends and worked and went roller skating and saw a movie and fixated on homework and binged on Star Trek Voyager on Netflix. It was good and low key and reset me a bit. I’m not soul searching currently. I’m just existing. And sometimes it’s okay to just exist.

7 thoughts on “The Two Dates That Weren’t Dates

      1. Indeed. I am working really hard at not overanalyzing every single text or comment or sign of this or that. Right now, it’s all about just existing. At least, until the wind shifts again 😉

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