An Experiment

I’ve written a new ad for Craig’s List after completely scrapping the other one. I figured this one is just nerdy enough to call out my fellow misfits in nerdom, while also being cute (at least to me). It’s whimsical, me thinks.

Here it is for your perusal and critique:

An Experiment

The experiment: Serial dating with the intention of having good conversation, delicious food, and enjoyable adventures without the pressure of trying to commit or check off a list of suitability rather than demanding the whole package.

The subjects: Female (self) who is intelligent, driven, goal oriented, has a great sense of humor, is fiercely independent, and refuses to either settle for the sake of settling or refraining from going out simply because Prince Charming isn’t readily available.

Male: To be chosen based on responses and initial conversation.

The confines of the experiment: The primary subject is not looking for random sexual partners or using this experiment to find men who cheat, only think with their nether regions, or want to prove she wants something other than EXACTLY what she is stating. Dating is expected and nothing beyond that unless the time comes in which the parameters of the experiment change which will only happen in the event something magical occurs. At which point, the female subject will be the one to notify you of such changes.

The testing should occur in interesting places and in a variety of ways. Museums, dinner out, cafe’s, coffee or wine dates, book stores, and finding local venues for live music are all acceptable and encouraged choices, and other ideas offered are strongly favored.

Intelligence and a sense of humor is highly desired and greatly favored. If you are a nerd, love sci-fi and fantasy, read frequently, are aware of world events, and have all of your teeth, you are considered a prime test subject.

If this posting confuses you and leaves you baffled or makes no sense whatsoever, please kindly disregard.

There you have it. I think taking the reins in my dating experiences might give me a more interesting and level playing field in the dating world. I know what I want, and I won’t stop until I find it. And only I get to dictate what that happens to be.

14 thoughts on “An Experiment

  1. Be careful. There are some seriously messed up folks on Craig’s List. My friend Melanie once asked me to accompany her on a trip out into something called “The Boonies” to retrieve a free table and chairs. (vintage 60’s art deco variety) We were both convinced we were being lured in by a serial killer, but went anyway, because DAMN that table and chair set was cool as shit. Luckily it turned out I didn’t have to outrun the serial killer, I just had to outrun Melanie. (I miss her.)

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    1. I’ve had roughly 35 responses so far tonight. One of which who was a troll who popped in to say that since I mentioned dining twice, I’m obviously fat.

      Someone wrote me a poem. An ode to Squirrel…one of my nicknames. I definitely appreciate poetry 😉

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      1. I wish I could say the poetry was a good touch, and while poetry is often a sure way to go, it’s subject matter riles me. I’m at war with the squirrels at my place. Long story, but we’re still feuding. 😉

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