Spread A Little Love

I love so many things. I love bubbles in my bath, pinot noir in my glass, pajamas on my ass, and a comfy bed. I love the smell of book stores and the excitement of nestling in with a new adventure on a rainy afternoon. I love my family, friends, and pets. I love coffee and vanilla Chai and hot cocoa with Bailey’s in it. I love silly videos and cheesy sci-fi shows and dreaming of impossible things.

But what I love most is the feeling of making others happy. I love offering smiles to strangers. I love telling those I care about how much they mean to me. I love giving of myself to ensure a little more ease for other people. I love giving gifts and seeing the joy when I’ve chosen the perfect present.

Even my current career goals have to do with bringing happiness to others. After many, many moons of working just to make ends meet, I finally decided to return to college to pursue my Master’s in Special Education while simultaneously pursuing my Bachelor’s in Business Management. Besides proving I’m obviously certifiably insane, I’m doing this all for one reason alone. I will eventually open play centers and respite care for special needs children and their families.

I am the mother of four children. Three are Autistic. I realized right away that my path in this world is to work with special needs kids. Mine were born to me for a reason. This is what I do best. This is what I am good at. This is (without sounding like an ass because I’ll clarify shortly) why I am a single mom.

In America, there is a fifty-fifty chance your marriage will end in divorce. Do you know what the statistics are when you have a special needs child? The divorce rate rises to the ninetieth percentile when that happens. You can’t possibly imagine the way life changes when you have children…you can’t possibly imagine how more difficult those challenges are when you add medical issues to the mix…until you are finally living it.

I’ve been divorced twice now. I won’t go into the gory details, but suffice it to say, parenting special needs kids and having multiple disagreements in how that should be faced is pretty much the basis of why I am no longer married. My second husband was insane (literally…he has the papers to prove it) so it wasn’t just that. However, I figured out how insane he was simply by witnessing his idea of how to parent my children.

So as I was going through blogs today, I was leaving comments. Some to y’all in my readership, some to those who are just discovered in a search engine. I like to leave something to make people smile. I like to think that when they open wordpress, they’ll see my comments and smile. I know how I feel when I receive comments, so I try to do the same for others. How wonderful does it feel when you click on kind words from someone who has read the outpouring of words you decided to share with the world? It’s such a lovely feeling.

That got me to thinking about what I can do today to make someone smile…to give someone a warm and fuzzy feeling. Today is all about going out of my way to give as many people as I can a feeling of happiness or something to chuckle over.

So tell me…what would you do to spread a little happiness around you today? What would you be willing to do to see a smile on the face of a stranger? Would you like to do a group blog project for thirty days with me where we go out of our way and really, truly focus on spreading some smiles around? I’m really thinking it could be a great project for no other reason than to do it. Who’s in?

9 thoughts on “Spread A Little Love

  1. You are a strong woman and genuinely a nice one. I love your mind. I love how you find happiness in making others happy, not many people do!
    If I could hug you right now, I would have. Not because I sympathise but because I admire you. Kudos! 😀

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    1. I appreciate that. Would you be interested in a Thirty Day Happiness Challenge? I’m wondering how many people would want to share stories of little and big things they do daily to bring happiness to others. It could give everyone a clear cut picture of how the smallest things bring happiness to others, and happiness makes the world a better place to live.

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    1. Thank you. It will serve more than one purpose. Play centers for the children to have trained staff and appropriate equipment ( I also envision a small movie theater in each location designed for sensory issues, etc for Friday nights at the movies which are family friendly and so on), but the respite care will also help tremendously. When you have children with medical issues, you can’t generally get the twelve year old up the street to come watch your child so you can have a night out with your significant other. There’s no stress relief. My main purpose is to provide an environment and a service that helps relieve the stress of families and give them a little time to decompress and reconnect to their partners so they can be better teams together.

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