Way On Out In The Deep End!

Twenty-four hours of fishing on Plenty of Fish. Twenty-four hours of wondering why I’m going to have to wade through this much to find something tangible. Here’s my little recap of the first day after The Experiment ended and legitimate dating began.

Here was my very first message on POF:

D’awwwww…the feels! There’s so much sentimental value that I shall always cherish ❀

Reported. Blocked. Deleted. NEXT!

Mmmmm…that pedo-stache probably tickles!

I didn’t click on his profile. I didn’t respond. I know darn well I’m never going to do very bad things with him,so…again…NEXT!

After sifting through and deleting two full pages of messages when I woke up, I came up with a few potential prospects. I can’t keep up with the messages, though. I also start deleting when someone sends me messages, and I log back in, and I find multiple inquiries as to where I’ve disappeared to.

I also deleted the French Canadian who doesn’t like women who talk too much and asked me for some bad-girl pics then tried to make me see reason when I politely declined.

As soon as I finished deleting, this is the beginning of the next onslaught to clear through. Within minutes, I already had dozens of views and seven new messages. That quadrupled within five minutes. Are they thirsty? Did I just come across as super duper fabulous in my profile? Why do so many of them look like serial killers?

This is online dating for women. All you good guys out there, be patient. Perhaps you’re just getting buried beneath the slime. There’s a lot of fish in the sea, but a vast majority of them are like that fucked up fish with a gnarly mouth and light-bulb hanging off the top of its head. Keep trying. We’re determined to locate you. We’re willing to swim through the muckery-fuckery just to find you. Don’t give up on us, either. It’ll be so worth it once we finally connect.

18 thoughts on “Way On Out In The Deep End!

  1. Yikes! :O Now I am even more glad that I never bothered to sign up for that site. I once made a profile for a couple of the paid sites, but took them down without pursuing anything. More power to you if online dating sites work for you, but I don’t ever plan to use them. I’d rather relax in the clean, stress-free water of single-hood than wade through the muck in search of some mythical gold nugget. πŸ˜›

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  2. oh how this resonates with me, imho however, ALL the dating sites are the same, some may have more well to do people on it, but there’s the deep layer of slime we all have to wade through. And your experience mimics what friends of mine have gone through. *hugs*

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      1. Thank you πŸ™‚ .. It certainly is choppy out there right now … Have returned back to the site after a 2 month break and let’s just say it hasn’t improved … But I have a whole new set of rules .. Expectations and approach … Good luck πŸ™‚ xxx

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