In the last two years I have dated:

(In proper order)

*James L.
*Jeremy J.
*Javier R.
*Jason H.
*Jason B.
*Jason P.
*Jamie S.
*Rich W. (Crazed man who started a nine hour standoff with state police when I ended things)
*Jay P

Only one wasn’t a J name.

I’m definitely seeing a pattern of J’s coming through my life. And I will never again date three Jason’s in a row.

Last night, James C. flat out threw his hat in the ring. He fished for sex a little but accepted ahead of time that I would say no because he knows I’m practicing celibacy and am waiting to have sex again until I am in a committed relationship.

So then he sent this which ensured he didn’t make me drop him and think of him as nothing but some guy wanting to get laid:

He’s kinda cute with his long blond hair and pretty blue eyes. He smells nice, too. He owns a vape shop, and I’ve already hung out once. Now I’m on my way out the door again to hang out with a man with a J name and watch YouTube videos and sit on his couch and giggle like teenagers over the silliness and just exist beside someone who wants to boink me but is respecting my boundaries. How nice…a guy who proves he thinks I’m boinkable but can control himself and accept my stance without trying to argue with me about it.

Even if his name does start with a J, which has proven to be a pattern that breaks my heart when given the chance…

25 thoughts on “Patterns

    1. Right? It’s like the universe just WANTS us to dislike the one who comes along with the right name by making sure we know the wrong names are the same one.

      I mean, my life partner probably has a name beginning with J. Just because it’ll screw with me when I come across him.

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  1. Jesus fucking Christ woman! You gotta break away from those J names! And what in the actual fuck about the police standoff? For reals? Some men…
    And they say BITCHES be trippin’? Methinks not.

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      1. I hear that lol! I went through the process before I got married… but I was a man-eater. I chewed them up and spat them out.

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      2. Lol yeah its unfortunate. I really just was always the aggressor and just kinda lucked out with my hubby. He was only meant to be a one night stand. I was only 22 when I snagged him.

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  2. But look at what happened when you dated someone whose name didn’t start with a J. I stay stick with what works. Or at least what doesn’t result in a police stand off. Those I actively try to avoid. (Yeah I stole that last line from The Avengers. Joss Whedon can sue me if he wants.)

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