Considering people keep reading this About Section, I should probably fill it in.

I’m LeeAnn, also known as The LeeAnnimal, Lee Lee, and Squirrel. I am nerdy, wear glasses, have asthma, trip over my own two feet often, have a non existent filter, and am highly opinionated. I’m slightly jaded, but my natural exuberance and upbeat nature tempers with that nicely. I’m addicted to coffee, wine, chocolate, spiced rum, blankets, pajamas, bubbles in my bath, and books. Lots of books. All the books. I’m currently trying to run an experiment in the world of dating with something I think is best referred to as Serial Dating. I think the experiences that come from that have led to a lot of personal insight and growth, and my blogs are a reflection of that.

Welcome to my world πŸ™‚

27 thoughts on “About

  1. I just wanted to reach out to you and say thank you for liking my blog posts.

    I have seen you visit my blog often over the last few days. I hope you continue to enjoy my blog.


  2. I’m enjoying your blogs. I myself rarely (if ever) date, and if you’ve ever read the small handful of blogs I have written about my own experiences in that world, it’s probably kind of clear why I am happy to spend my weekends alone in my apartment, reading and writing blogs.


  3. Your hair looks very good when you let it down. Had blonde hair when I was born, it turned naturally brunette when I reached about 21 years old. My hair was straight on one side, curly like yours on the other. Inherited the hair problem from my mother’s side of the family. Once multiple sclerosis took away my ability to properly take care of it, had it cut much shorter. Thankfully, I had already married my husband, so he knows what I looked like with a full head of hair!

    Keep up your writing. It is a good way to air out your frustrations. It is why I blog! Date when and IF you feel like it. The right person will meat you one day. Am a nerd myself, who enjoys a good argument!


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